Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Best of 2013

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been a great start to 2014 here at our home and I hope it's the same wherever you are. The Best of 2013 lists of being going on for sometime now throughout all kinds of media and it's hard not to feel completely saturated. I could never pick my favourites of 2013, so I'll let your page views do the talking.  Here are the top 5 posts from Kale Eats this year. Starting with  #5:Almond Sweet Potato Chickpea and Greens Soup.  A healthy protein rich soup, this is quite timely if you're doing any sort of January detox or diet.  Posted in January of 2013, I suspect that exactly what I was doing at that time.
Coming in at #4 is the Quinoa Brownies.  Very rich, not too sweet but gluten free, I can see how they would catch a lot of attention.  Every food trend list I read claims gluten free is still going strong, so I suppose this supports that idea.  A sweet memory from my CSA veggie pick up, I can't wait to try Karen's version of these again.
A bit of a surprise for me was #3: Fennel Blood Orange Pistachio Salad.  It's a tasty salad, that goes without saying, but it's very healthy and uses some irregular ingredients.  Both millet and blood oranges are not on my usual grocery list and I assumed that was the same for all of you. 
One of Don's favourites from this is #2: Vietnamese Meatball Soup.  Created out of circumstance, and a husband who I thought wouldn't eat them.  There's nothing authentic about this recipe but it sure does fit the bill when you're looking for a main course soup that's a little different.
A soup I've been making for a long, long time is your choice for #1: Buttercup Squash Tomato Soup.  Perhaps it the simplicity of the preparation and very short list of ingredients that caught your eye?  Was it the use of a squash that is so often left behind and few recipes exist for?  I don't know, but it was far and away the most viewed and most pinned recipe this year.  Thanks so much to all who visited this year and can't wait to see what 2014 will bring for us all!  Stay tuned for lots more healthy soups, salads and mains; sprinkled with the occassional sweet too.

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  1. Good work Catherine - love your blog!
    We are trying meatless Monday's for 2014, and I am sure many recipes will be coming off here!