Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Clusters

Simplicity is so often desired and yet so difficult to achieve.  A quick peak at our calendar and you will see far too many days with events scribbled in.  Worse yet, are the days with multiple entries.  While I profess the importance of downtime with our family, I struggle to live by those words. 

This morning Luke was scheduled to be out the door at 6am. A full day yesterday and a late evening celebration meant he was going to be one tired boy today. Making the decision to keep him home and let him sleep in was a difficult one. I'd paid already for him to go to this training camp.. was running through my mind.  All doubts were cast aside though when I saw his cheerful well rested face this morning.  He was downstairs before me and noticed the kitchen was less than tidy.  He recruited Don and the two of them cleaned the entire room, including some reorganization of cupboards.  Sometimes less really is more.

Cookies made with only four ingredients is about as simple you can get.  Good quality chocolate makes a big difference.  I used a Lindt 70% Dark couverture chocolate to make these, but I'm sure any reputable chocolate would work.  Don't skimp on the salt either.  That's what elevates these.

 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Clusters

Adapted from 101 cookbooks

2  cups large flake toasted unsweetened coconut
1 cup toasted almonds, cooled and chopped
2 cups dark chocolate, chopped
sea salt
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. 
In a cast iron pan, toast almonds over medium heat until lightly browned, about 5min.  Leave in pan to cool and then chop.  Add almonds to a large bowl and combine with coconut.
Over a double boiler, melt chocolate.  Pour melted chocolate into bowl of almonds and coconut and stir to combine. 
Scoop about 1 Tbsp of mixture onto parchment paper for each cookie.  Sprinkle each cookie with a good amount of salt.  Allow to cool for several hours; ideally overnight.  Enjoy!

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